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Launched in 1986 as a brewpub, Bushys relocated in 1990 when demand outgrew capacity. Bushys goes one step further than the Manx Pure Beer Law preferring the German Reinheitsgebot (Pure Beer Law). The brewery hosts a successful festival during the TT period at Villa Marina Gardens, Douglas. Bushys distributes to many pubs and clubs throughout the Isle of Man.

Head Brewer and business owner Peter Kaneen fixed cars in a small garage on the Isle of Man. Peter inherited Union Mills Garage from his much-loved father John Kaneen. Roughly four years ago, he bought his first brewing kit to make homemade beer for the family, and now makes a range of beers available throughout the Island.

After launching their beer at the 2023 Beer Festival, Noa produce craft beer available in outlets throughout the Island and also in their own Brewhouse opposite the Sea Terminal in Douglas.

A one man Isle of Man brewery which produces a range of cask beers, available in independent outlets around the Island, including the award winning Trafalgar in Ramsey.

Okell’s have been brewing since 1850. Dr. William Okell, a Cheshire surgeon, started Okell’s Brewery in Castle Hill, Douglas, Isle of Man in 1850. He was a man of singular drive and ambition – by 1874 Dr. Okell owned many of the pubs on the island, had convinced Tynwald (the Isle of Man’s parliament), to create an act ensuring the purity of beer brewed on the Isle of Man.

Started commercial Brewing in 2022, built in 2013 when Dr Mike Cowbourne was due to retire from Okells as Head Brewer.

Now run by Mike and Tricia, Okells Ex Brewery Manager